Jitsu is a martial art.Jitsu Foundation
Jiu Jitsu (meaning gentle art) originated and developed in medieval Japan.
We still use Japanese names and terminology for many of our techniques.
The style of Jiu Jitsu taught by The Jitsu Foundation is called Shorinji Kan Jiu Jitsu.

How does Jitsu Work?

A Forward Roll
A Forward Roll

Jitsu works by either escaping, locking up (restraining) an attacker or by throwing an attacker to the floor with force. If a weapon is involved, it can be disarmed and in some cases used for self-protection against any further attackers. Jitsu allows for a wide range of responses to threats, so that a minor violation of your personal space does not have to be dealt with using a near-lethal technique.

 Why do Jitsu?

There is no doubt that training in a martial art will give you added confidence and self-defence ability. What we aim to do in our art is to practice against attacks you are likely to face in a real situation. From the first lesson you will learn how to deal with a variety of attacks, including grabs, strikes and weapons. The primary emphasis on all this training is safety, so you will not be asked to do anything beyond your level of competence.

An 'Over-the-Belt' Roll
An ‘Over-the-Belt’ Roll

 Is Jitsu Like Any Other Martial Art?

Jitsu is based on traditional Japanese grappling, so in some respects it will resemble Judo, traditional Jujutsu and Aikido. Our art has  also been said to resemble Shorinji Kempo, though we are not sure if that is due to coincidence or influence. We do not much resemble karate, as we do not practice many strikes in our system.

 Do I Have To Be Fit To Join?

No. Jitsu becomes a very good form of exercise when trained enough though, and this tends to build up fitness levels. You do not have to be able to  do 50 pushups or leap 6 feet into the air from standing to practice our art, all you need is to come along regularly and train well.